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WedAway - what an experience!

Earlier this month I participated in a fair in the UK. It was in one of the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster - Lindley Hall to be exact! What a great experience this fair was. I was joined at the fair by four suppliers - a hotel, a venue, a florist and a caterer and wow did we bond :)

The fair was on Friday in the evening and all day Saturday. It was specifically targeted at destination brides and so it was a niche we were all particularly interested in. Friday was quite busy, but Saturday well it couldnt have been any busier - I did not stop to eat until 3.15pm and then to just have a bite and carry on. I met such lovely couples and all of them with a story :)

We are now working on their weddings and planning the Perfect day for them.

I even went to see a musical with the suppliers - it was so much fun - again an experience I would love to repeat.

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