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Meet Sonia - The Office Chocoholic 



I’m Sonia (aka Milka’s BFF)


Wedding and Event planning have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember, my mother was and is in the same field. I have been working with perfect weddings for the past 3 years. I am currently studying law at university and ACCA (accounts, boring I know !) while working part time with perfect weddings. While it can be a bit challenging juggling all that but I still wouldn’t change a thing as wedding planning brings glamour, fun and a bit of drama into my everyday life.


Exploring new ideas with each event or wedding is something I love doing, weddings should be as unique as each couple.  The feeling is remarkable when walking away from a wedding knowing that you were someone that helped create someone else’s dream.

My passion for wedding planning grows and grows with each couple I get the pleasure of working with. The challenges and the utmost highs this role brings to my everyday life fills me with joy.  


Its amazing being able to work with people from different countries and all walks of life. Learning new things everyday is what makes this job so enjoyable. The best part is that it's not only such a wonderful thing seeing couples and their guest happy and having fun but we also have an amazing time at the weddings too.

A Little More About Sonia

  • Sleep is literally my favourite pass time.

  • I would probably die I I didn’t have chocolate like everyday. 

  • I love traveling and exploring new cultures. 

  • I may or may not have a slight obsession with cats -especially Milka our office cat.

  • Cooking shows and 90 day fiancé are my guilty pleasure.

  • I am really not a morning person.

  • I could drink iced coffee and champagne all day, everyday! 

  • I love a good musical and cheesy romcom!

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