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The essentials to know when planning your dream wedding

You’ve likely been planning it in your head for years now, but when it comes to actualising your big day, there’s sometimes too much to think about. Don’t stress – so long as you’ve got the essentials nailed, everything else will follow. Here are just a few of the things you need to consider primarily when planning your wedding.

What theme will you want – if any?

Many couples nowadays are opting to alter their wedding to make it their own. A theme is the perfect way to do this; from fairytale to fantasy, gothic to vintage, there are plenty of ways to shake the table and make your big day uniquely you. Don’t feel as if you have to conform to tradition – nowadays, it’s more expected for couples not to.

The theme of your wedding can be infused into almost everything about it, too. From the initial invitations you send out to your guests all the way through to the wedding dress – perhaps the standout part of the entire day – it will be prominent, so be sure it’s something you’re ready to take all the way.

…and where do you want to have it?

Forget the tradition of getting wed in a church. It’s no longer the norm – you can practically get married anywhere in the world, from the beaches of Thailand to a chateau in rural France. Some people even take it a step further with some very peculiar venues, but the point is that you should consider the perfect place for you.

Envision your dream day and go from there. Whether it’s abroad in a tropical setting or a quiet, reserved event at home, the world is your oyster. It all comes down to your personal wants, and just how extravagant you want your ceremony to be.

Think about the guests you want to attend

Keep in mind the guests you want at the ceremony and/or the reception. If you do choose to get married abroad, you also need to think about the costs – not only for yourself, but for the guests you’re inviting. Some people may not be able to realistically afford attending should you opt to travel far for your big day.

And you may want to invite more people to attend the evening reception only, so it’s best you create a list of who you want where. Consider those closest to you and just how many of them will realistically be able to attend the wedding itself, whether it be due to the size of your chosen venue or its actual location.

Consider straying from tradition to make the day uniquely you

As previously mentioned, incorporating a theme into your wedding will make for an interesting shift upon tradition. But take it even further – there are so many things you can change, from the transport between the wedding venue and your reception to the wedding cake, arguably the centrepiece of the evening ceremony. Perhaps it won’t even be a cake – cheese stacks are popular as a replacement.

If you’re not one to stick to tradition, you don’t have to. Switch it up if that’s what you want to – this is your day, so do it your way.

How will you throw your perfect reception?

Your wedding reception needs to be fun and carefree, after a potentially stressful and emotional day. Bring your friends and family together and party the night away your way. The meal is arguably the climax of the evening, so opt for a traditional sit-down event with several courses if you’re looking to stick to tradition.

If not, a buffet or similar spread could work – allow your guests to dine if and when they want to. There’s an option to put a fun spin on things too, with sweet tables and chocolate fountains to liven things up even more. For entertainment, consider a live band to soundtrack your party through the night.

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