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Meet Bernice - The Office Lioness

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Hello 😊

I am passionate about helping people and committed to making them happy. I consider myself as a connector who loves to bring people together. In and out of my professional life, I am always finding myself in the middle of planning fun and memorable events for the people around me! That's why I feel that professional wedding planning is right up my alley, I have definitely found my niche.


Academically, I have studied a Master of Arts in Hospitality Managament at the University of West London. Work-wise, I have specialized in personalizing diverse events for each client and handling stressful event situations from my past work expierence.  Our signature style of work at Perfect Weddings is creative and tasteful designs with incredible attention to detail and structured and logistical event flow.


In my personal life, I love trying new restaurants, hiking, live music, and wine tasting. In my free time, you can find me in art museums, dog walking, cooking or scheduling my next destination.


All in all, I sincerely take great satisfaction in seeing everyone happy and I am always grateful for the opportunity to make this happen ❤

A Little More About Bernice

  • My passion is cooking using random ingredients. I view the act of cooking as a creative project rather than a chore. I tend to play music and have a glass of wine while cooking. I love collecting spices from different countries and use them in my kitchen.  

  • Music is one of the greatest pleasures and my taste range from 90s Hip Hop to Classic rock (Metallica, Black Sabbath and ACDC) to electronic (Bicep & Artbat) to 80s Dance classic to country music (Johnny Cash)

  • Travelling is obviously always on my bucket list and if I had an opportunity I would do it every weekend. For me, the best part of it is landing to a new place (cabin crew prepare for landing is my favourite quote)

  • Love observing how other people speak, eat, dress and enjoy life in different countries.

  • The Azores is the best place I’ve been to so far.  

  • I aim to be environmentally friendly and will always push couples to choose the most environmentally friendly choice in weddings and events

  • Work smart not hard and play hard work hard are both my work-related mottos. Ironic isn’t it?

  •  is Halloween.My favourite holiday

  • I’d rather be wearing perfume than jewellery. 

  • My favourite sports is tennis – a sports where all you think of is hitting the ball.

  •  Let’s rock and roll!

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