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Meet Tiffany - The Office Toffee Crisp


Hello 😊

Having worked extensively abroad and having encompassed many varied traditions and cultures, I can input my belief that weddings are unique.
My vision is to deliver tailor made weddings to each couple and ensure their most special day is fulfilled to the highest standard.  
Events and coordination have always been a huge part of my life predominantly in the fashion and music industry. Bringing people together is something I naturally enjoy doing.
I am always finding myself in the middle of planning fun and memorable events for the people around me.
Bringing peoples dream weddings together is something I am proud to be part of.

A Little More About Tiffany

  • My passion is music, I have now been a DJ for the past 9 years and absolutely love it. I love all genres, but underground house and disco are among my favourites. Seeing people smile and dance brings joy to my heart.  

  • Music is one of the greatest pleasures and my taste range from 80s to techno, R&B, house, and disco.   

  • Travelling has been a huge part of my life and I have lived in over 7 countries including America, Australia, Asia, and Europe.   

  • Love observing how other people dance, eat, dress, and enjoy life in different countries. 

  • Burning man is the best place I’ve been to so far.   

  • I aim to be environmentally friendly and will always push couples to choose the most environmentally friendly choice in weddings and events.

  •  Summer is my favourite season. 

  • I’d rather be wearing something tailor made than massed produced.  

  • My hobby is sewing and creating outfits from scratch.  

  •  Do what your passion about and love will follow.

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