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Meet Krista  - The Office Fun Bun


Hi there 😊

My name is Krista, and I am the latest addition to the Perfect Weddings Team!


Having just graduated with a B.A in International Hospitality Management, Perfect Weddings is the internship I applied for to close this course, which has now turned into my full-time job, and I must admit that it is just the perfect fit for me! 

I have always loved love, and being a part of planning and creating someone’s dream wedding is something I never knew I wanted to do, but now I love! Meeting different couples from several countries and experiencing their culture whilst being there on their special day is such an exciting feeling! I love the freedom of being able to create and adapt to any kind of wedding, making each one unique. Most days bring along something different which is a great environment for me to work in since I enjoy a fast-paced life!

I am a very open, easy going, bubbly and energetic person who (I like to think) always has smile on her face! This is the type of energy I give off and like to think that our couples can resonate with this. A wedding day is one of the most important days of someone’s life, and it is definitely treated this way at Perfect Weddings!

A Little More About Krista

  • Binge-watching TV shows is what keeps me sane! (Reality TV being my guilty pleasure)

  • Traveling is my passion and would love to visit the Maldives and USA!

  • Sushi and apple juice are my go-to food and drink when I am craving something yummy! 

  • Savoury over sweets any day!

  • Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year and I am never a last minute shopper!

  • I love planning personal trips, friends’ birthdays, and any event that might need planning really.

  • As Sonia said very well, sleeping is my favourite hobby!

  • Current bucket list: Experience New York in the winter and Florida in the summer; Plan and experience a wedding outside of Malta; Buy a house with my boyfriend! ♥

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