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Meet Patricia - The HBIC

Hello 😊

What can I say? Weddings are my life! They are my be all and end all! They are what makes my life beautiful, vibrant and colourful!

I love meeting people and working with couples from all over the world gives me the opportunity to create weddings with touches of different cultures and traditions.  This makes for an incredible experience and I have an immense passion for it.

After over 20 years in the planning business I have learnt that what makes a wedding special is the connection you develop with the couple and the meeting of minds, whereby the couple and the planner have the same goal and can all see the same picture.

Planning the Perfect wedding takes time, but it is a process filled with fun, excitement and elation.  This should be a happy experience!

When it comes to creating the Perfect wedding you need a pinch of many different things, a lot of detail, passion, creativity, individuality and innovation. There is also that extra special something in the mix which makes a Perfect Weddings wedding unique and exceptional.   Decorating a venue is very personal, we consult with the couple and come up with a picture that will be just right for them taking into account the character of the venue.  Creating weddings is my passion, it is what I love doing and I really cannot see myself doing anything else 😊

Family and friends have helped me get to where I am.  My team mean a lot to me and are a big part of my life.  We take time to sit down and talk with each other – sometimes over a cocktail or a glass of wine – to discuss the way forward and all things bridal!

After work, I love listening to music – any type of music (my favourite song is ‘Died in your arms’ by Cutting Crew) and watching films of any genre (one of my all-time favourites is ‘Letters to Juliet’).  

I am blessed with having a partner who understands me and what my work means to me.  I can rely on him to support me and listen to me even if I do say silly things sometimes.  His perspective is invaluable.  I have a daughter who is following in my footsteps and a son who has blessed me with two gorgeous girls.

I am happy!

Love Pat x

A Little More About Patricia 

  • I am too much of a perfectionist

  • I am a hopeless romantic

  • I still believe in fairytales (and Santa Claus sometimes!!)

  • I am a workaholic

  • I use too many emojis – just makes me feel happier

  • I love weddings and still cry at each one

  • The like of Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl and Sweet Magnolias make me happy

  • I love to sing – although I cannot sing to save my life

  • I love LOVE animals and if I could, I would take in all the waifs and strays

  • I have a special place in my heart for our office cat ‘Milka’

  • I love a nice glass of wine and love to try out new cocktails

  • I keep in touch with all my couples mostly on facebook

  • I am a huge fan of the play Phantom of the Opera and have seen it numerous times

  • I am a free spirit

  • I am adore Bette Midler and Nicki Minaj

  • I have been married twice and hoping for my third!

  • My heart belongs to you – my couples 😊

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