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Meet Milka - The Office Diva 


Since becoming part of the perfect weddings team in the summer of 2016 I feel like I have not only found a home and a family but also a safe haven. The office is my sanctuary away from all the daily problems I face such as getting the most attention and food possible- especially getting more than any of the other cats do.


I’m always around in the office, be it overseeing what the others are doing or maybe having a nap on one of the desks or windowsills – I need to nap now and again with all the work I do! I have become a very big and important part of the team. I have not only improved the looks of the group but have also made the office a happier and furrier place.  


I bet you’re wondering what the extent of my involvement in the planning of your wedding is, well I generally have a hands-off executive position; however, I always make sure that the work is all being done and that everyone in the office has high moral as I’m always down for some love.

I, of course, am always available for any questions or petting at the Perfect Weddings office and obviously food of ANY kind is ALWAYS welcome (especially chocolate or cake!)

A Little More About Milka

  • Lounging around and looking beautiful is my full-time job.

  • I absolutely adore food.

  • sleep? can't get enough of it 

  • I love knowing what everyone is doing at all times.

  • Biting and chewing anything possible is one of my favourite pass times.

  • Playing with balls and strings is my favorite form of exercise - thought I know I don't do enough of it. 

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