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The Bride of the Year Show in Dublin

This year it was the fourth year that Perfect Weddings participated in this fair. I must say year after year it

is better and so much fun. This is my scene :) I love meeting new people and seeing all the happy couples walking around looking for venues, cars, accessories and of course destination weddings.

Our stand is the same every year and I like it to be int he same place because couples who met me at the fair in previous years come and visit me and so like that they always know where to come :) This year John Dalton's mother came to say hello, John married Kate last year on the 9th October - their wedding was amazing - it was held in the beautiful Palazzo you can see on the screen on the stand. She said she just wanted to come and tell me once again how much she enjoyed the wedding - dead chuffed I was!!

I also got a visit from Rob - Rob married Aoife on the 8th September 2015 and he was at the fair and came over to say hi. He was very nice and said to a couple who were sitting chatting to me that they should use Perfect Weddings since his wedding was just wonderful - thanks for that Rob :) :) They got married at the Waterfall Gardens - it is the second picture on the right on the banner. Again we had great fun at their wedding - fireworks and all :)

I met with many couples and of course will not mention their names here, but if they are reading this I would like to say to each and every one of them how great it was to meet with them and to have our long chat - yes everyone knows I talk a lot - but I made many new friends and I am sure quite a few will become Perfect couples as they get married on our beautiful island of Malta.

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